Monday, March 12, 2012

My Boots

So, as everyone can tell, I have been taking a lot of pictures of my boots. Allow me to explain. It is partially jokingly but also a bit artistic. We all have seen the picture of the guy(or gal) in the bathroom mirror. We also have seen the "check in" feature that Facebook has. Well, I decided that instead of joining the crowd of hideous pictures in the mirror and/or giving my precise location at that exact time, I would just take a picture of my boots. Now, the comment has been made that I am wearing the same pair of jeans. I am here to inform you that this would be a negative. That would be a bit unsanitary and a horrible example to my four kids. Not to mention my wife would not allow such an action to take place.
Each picture does have a little story. Every time I take a picture of my boots I am sketching a memory into my mind. Another words, something is taking place that I want to remember. So I guess, for now on, I could write a little blog for each pic taken. By the way, it just took me about five minutes to decide where my commas go and I am quite certain I screwed that up... So, at least I could work on some basic writing skills... How did I ever pass comp I and II? I have no clue.

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